Completed approx 950 projects in HK, Macau and China over 20 years experiences

連續 20 年在港澳地區及中國大陸已經完成了接近 950 個地暖項目 6000 套地暖專用發熱線系統

我們的專家已經有超過 20 地暖系統 (電熱式及水暖式) 的設計、安裝及維修保養經驗


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Is it possible to find out the break point of the heating cable?


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Nano Water Mist System (Fresh, Cooling, Energy Saving)

納米水噴霧系統 (清新、降溫、節能、環保)


water mist clients

- Cooling - reducing high temperature in large outdoor areas

- Dust suppression- minimizing excessive dust problems

- Special effect - To create fog/smoke

- Humidification - increasing the humidity of storage and processing facilities

water mist applications Garden

Provide greater comfort level for outdoor seating and recreation areas plus our system can be used in various industrial and manufacturing processes where a reduction in temperature can increase output or safety at a lower cost than alternative solutions.



water mist playground


Whole System

water mist whole system



Whatsapp: 93091403

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